Botafogo Does Denmark!

Posted by Phil Nielsen on Jul 31 2012 at 05:30AM PDT in 2012-2013

Team Chicago Academy-Botafogo are currently in Denmark playing in the prestigious Brondby Cup. During their visit, the players will write a daily blog, which will be shared here on TeamPages.

We started out with a five hour wait in O’Hare, which as you know is filled with things to do (sarcasm), but it was fun because we all knew that when we boarded the plane we were on our way to Denmark.

Once we boarded the plane we pretty much all passed out within the first 20 minutes, until awoken for our 5 star meal. The meatloaf surprise and potatoes wasn’t that bad, plus we were all starving. After forcing it down, we all got settled in and found our way back to sleep. Well, most of us.

We awoke to the airplane lights shining on us and to our surprise it was daytime out. We got off the plane excited to see Denmark, only to wait in the airport for a couple more hours. But we got our bags, exchanged our money, and got on the bus.

We drove past some beautiful Danish countryside, and then through a tiny little village. We pulled up to our hotel which happened to be right next to the professional soccer stadium. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time for a nap, but probably wouldn’t have taken them anyway because we were all so intrigued by the hotel. Our rooms are the cutest little European style with a wrap-around balcony connecting all of our rooms. Plus a view of the stadium and the beautiful practice fields.

We got dressed in some warmer clothes and headed to the stadium to watch the professional Brondby team play Silkeborg in the Danish league. Luckily we got to sit in the VIP section so we were very close to all the players. The Danish U18 team that visited us 2 weeks ago were there as well, so it was fun to see them all again.

After Brondby won 2-1, some of us were able to go on the field and take pictures with a few of the players. It was similar to being at a Chicago Fire game, just better soccer. Overall the game was our first really great experience in Denmark with many more to come. We came home exhausted and went to bed ready to rise for our next day in Denmark.

Hope D’Addario & Dana Miller


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