Day 2 in Denmark for Botafogo!

Posted by Phil Nielsen on Aug 02 2012 at 07:33AM PDT in 2012-2013

Day 2 in Denmark:

Our first full day. We woke up for an 8:30am breakfast, and then we walked through the streets to a field that was outside of a school, where we had a short practice , consisting of a small sided scrimmage. After walking back to the hotel, we went to the cafeteria where all the teams eat. We were served hamburgers with real Heinz ketchup which we were excited by because it was the first American
Food we’ve had.

In the middle of the day sometime before our game, we all took a walk to a local grocery store. It felt like we had been walking for days but we were all being a little dramatic cause it probably only took 20 minutes one way. At the grocery store it was kind of overwhelming at first because we couldn’t really understand much. But we figured it out and they even had American food like Oreos, and Nutella which was very exciting.

Following that we had a 3:45 game against Bondby. At the field we got to meet some of Phil’s family, which we were all excited about. All of the younger kids from his family were wearing Team Chicago gear, even though they couldn’t really speak English we still had our own little fan club. Although we lost the game 2-1 to the Danish girls that stayed with us, it was a fairly even match , and hopefully we’ll get a chance to replay them in the finals.

After the game we went to get dinner in the cafeteria again, the dinner consisted of Danish meatballs and potatoes with gravy. Then some of the team went to go watch the Brondby professional reserve team, while the rest of us went up to our rooms.

After that we were all in the same hotel room talking to the Danes after the game, having a good time. It was 3 of the girls who had stayed with us and one of the girls’ brother and his 2 friends. Although they were standing on the opposite side of the room and not even speaking English , we got in trouble for having boys in the room. We’ll never make that mistake again. They all got kicked out, and we were hungry so Phil walked us to a restaurant Klubhouse to get some food and ice cream. That pretty much concluded our night because after that we went back to our rooms and went to bed.


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