Day 6 in Denmark!

Posted by Phil Nielsen on Aug 05 2012 at 03:31PM PDT in 2012-2013

Today we were up at 9am for the breakfast inside the hotel. Then the head coach of Brondby’s professional women’s team, Peer Lisdorf, was nice enough to put together a practice for us.

We were all happy when we found out that the practice was only going to consist of technical ball work because of how tired we all were. Coach Peer put on a great practice that we all enjoyed and had fun at.

After the practice, we took a 30 minute walk to a quaint medieval town. Even though it was an excruciatingly long walk to the town, it was worth it to see the cool houses that were built 500 years ago. From there, we took a bus to a beach off the Baltic Sea. Some of us went swimming, while others dipped our feet in just to say that we had been in the Sea.

Once we were done hanging around at the beach we got cleaned up and ready to go to Tivoli. Tivoli is an amusement park with all sorts of roller coasters and carnival rides located in downtown Copenhagen. It was an amazing experience especially since Walt Disney got his idea for Disneyland from here. The rides were insane and some of the most fun experiences many of us have ever encountered. When the sun went down, the team was in awe when the whole park was lit up with beautiful lights. After a fun-filled night, we all went back to the hotel and went right to sleep.

Ashley Handwork and Rachele Armand


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